Walking On The Moon – Cover


My favourite song of all time is The Police’s 1979 hit “Walking on the Moon” I’ve always loved it, I’ve always been able to play a bit of it on the guitar and bass, so just for sh*tz and giggles I wondered if using modern composing software, could I learn to play it all myself ? everything from the drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and even try to sing it ?
It’s taken about 2.5 years and has gone through many iterations as I learned to play, record, mix and master it. I couldn’t find the right hi-hat cymbals that sounded close to the original so I bought a set of 2nd hand real Stewart Copeland signature ones off of FB Marketplace.
It’s been a long journey, I started recording it in the original key but my voice really isn’t great and even worse trying to sing at Sting’s pitch, so I dropped it down a few notes.
Equipment used:
USA Fender Strat, USA Fender PJ Bass, Sontronics STC-3X, STC-1, Akai MPK249, Audient ID14.
Software used:
Ableton Live, IK Multimedia, Waves, Arturia, Valhalla DSP, FabFilter.

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