Kourtney Kardashian Wears Travis Barker’s Oversized Jersey in Postpartum Style Tip


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Kourtney Kardashian, founder of Poosh, continues to share her postpartum style and beauty tips with her followers. On her Instagram Story, the 44-year-old reality TV star revealed her outfit choice for husband Travis Barker’s Blink-182 concert in Melbourne, Australia. Kardashian opted for a chic yet effortless look, pairing Barker’s oversized white jersey with a black mini skirt and knee-high boots. She emphasized the convenience and comfort of wearing her husband’s clothing postpartum, highlighting the need for quick and easy wardrobe choices while adjusting to life with a newborn.

This update follows Kardashian’s recent Instagram Story where she shared more postpartum advice, including fashion and makeup routines tailored for breastfeeding mothers. Embracing comfortable and practical attire, Kardashian advocates for oversized coats, flat shoes, and baggy clothing, often opting for her husband’s vintage t-shirts and Dickies. Additionally, she offers insights into her minimalistic makeup routine, focusing on quick and simple steps to save time and prioritize bonding with her baby. With 3-month-old son Rocky Thirteen and a blended family, including Barker’s children, Kardashian demonstrates her commitment to motherhood while maintaining her signature style and sharing helpful tips with her audience.

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