Zildjian Sessions | Tony Royster Jr., Joe Cleveland & Chris Payton

Tony Royster Jr. is the newest edition to our Zildjian Sessions series which features musical collaborations between Zildjian Artists and their talented musician friends.

Filmed at our Zildjian West Coast Office in Burbank, CA; this session features Joe Cleveland on bass and Chris Payton on guitar.

Recorded with Earthworks Audio microphones:

Tony’s Cymbal Setup:
16” A Custom Efx, 14” K Custom Special Dry FX, 10” A Custom EFX (triple stack)
16” K Sweet Hi Hats
20” K Custom Special Dry Crash
17” K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash FX and 17″ K Constantinople Crash (as Hi Hats)
20” K Cluster Crash
20” FX Oriental Crash of Doom
18” FX Spiral

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