Travis Barker and daughter Alabama, spotted on shopping spree after drummer is ripped as ‘bad dad’


TRAVIS Barker has been seen shopping with his daughter Alabama Barker after fans called her out for being spoiled.

Alabama, 18, and Travis, 48, were spotted walking into Sephora in Calabasas, California, on Monday.The teen was wearing an oversized black graphic T-shirt with a red, white, and blue design on the front.

She was also sporting a pair of baggy black sweatpants as she hid her face from the cameras.

Although most of her face was covered, it was still clear that Alabama was wearing a face full of glam.

Travis wore a similar outfit – a baggy Dr. Dre graphic T-shirt with a cannabis leaf on it and black pants.However, he did not try to conceal his face.

He was simply wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and a black beanie on his head.

Travis had his arm around his daughter as they walked into the store, and he seemed to be guiding her since she blocked some of her vision.

Travis was called out after his daughter revealed what her famous dad gifted her for her 18th birthdayThe teen took to Instagram to share a clip holding a white Birkin bag which sells for close to $25,000.

“Your girl got her first Birkin,” Alabama shared over the short video.

However, she was not done, and there was a following clip that revealed her brand-new car.

In the video, Alabama sat behind the wheel of a Mercedes G-Wagon, which can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $220,000 or more.Later on, she also posted a photo of her new Cartier watch from Kris Jenner, which clocked in at just over $4,000.

Fans were quick to display their anger at the teen’s gifts, taking it to a popular Kardashian online thread.

“Disgusting displays of wealth,” one person wrote over Alabama’s presents.

Adding: “These are the gifts that Alabama posted to her Instagram Story. Humble, much?Travis is a bad father for letting his kids do whatever they want to do…”

“Gross,” another fan reacted as one person shared: “… I am poor, worked through the whole year and got nothing. This made me angry and depressed.”

Alabama spoke out after her dad was criticized for his bad parenting decisions.

The teenager filmed a TikTok with her Blink-182 rocker father and asked him what he would do if she broke his rules.At the start of the video, she called her dad “strict but not strict”.

The teen fired off a list of hypothetical situations and Travis had to say how he would respond to each scenario.

“Would you consider yourself strict?” she asked the drummer, to which he replied, “No.”

“OK, what are you going to do if I sneak out and you find out the next day?” Alabama asked.I’m going to tell you how dangerous it is and maybe try to put you on restriction,” Travis replied.

Alabama laughed: “I’m not even kidding you, restriction was his thing.”

Next, Alabama asked: “What would you do if I went out with a boy and just completely stopped answering you?”

Travis responded: “I would come to your location and I would find you.”Alabama then asked her famous dad what would happen if she or her friends came home under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and Travis said he’d tell her to “never do it again.”

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