Travis Barker changed his life to be with Kourtney! Or Kim?


Marriage to Kourtney Kardashian changed Travis Barker for the better! But why did the womanizer and manipulator choose her? We have our own theory! Check out this video to see it. After all, Barker was desperately in love with Kourt’s sister…In 2006, the Blink-182 drummer dated Paris Hilton, but his heart belonged to Kim Kardashian. He even moved to Los Angeles to be with her! His love for Kardashian didn’t stop him from marrying Shanna Mockler. The girl was jealous of her husband so much that, in 2008, she threw a drink at Kim! Travis sided with the Kardashian and filed for divorce. And it was super messy! But Travis changed his ways thanks to his new marriage. Or did he?

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