Kourtney and travis rejected 🛑 Kris Jenner invitation to see baby Rocky


On another edition on the kardashian daily update show the kardashian family’s invitation is turned down by the bakersAs the world has stood transfixed looking at photos and snippets of the Kardashian hysteria for years, something odd and unexpected happened in the spring of 2021. Suddenly, a new Hollywood romance exploded out of nowhere and quickly superseded any attention previously lavished on reality TV’s most famous family.
It was the completely unexpected relationship between Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummerTravis Barker. The couple was first spotted hanging out together in January, and since then, they have been inseparable on social media, posting pictures of themselves holding hands, cuddling, and kissing. Fans were giddy at the prospect of two such seemingly different worlds coming together, and the excitement only seemed to grow when rumors swirled that Barker had gotten Kourtney’s name tattooed on his chest.
The couple’s romance quickly became the most talked-about topic in the entertainment industry, with people expressing their hope that it would last. However, a new twist in the story has emerged, and it has to do with Kourtney’s famous family.
According to sources close to the situation, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have rejected an invitation from Kourtney’s mom, Kris Jenner, to attend a family gathering after tensions emerged between Kris and Travis.The rift reportedly has its roots in the sometimes rocky relationship between Kourtney’s ex-Scott Disick and her new beau. Disick and Kourtney have three children together, and while the two have been separated for several years, they have remained on good terms and co-parent amicably.
However, sources say that Disick has not taken too kindly to Kourtney’s new relationship with Barker. Specifically, he is said to be unhappy with the amount of attention the couple has been receiving and with the increasingly public nature of theirromance. Disick and Barker were once close friends, but their relationship understandably became strained after Barker began dating Kourtney.
Kris Jenner, who is known for her perpetually meddling ways, reportedly took Disick’s side in the dispute, further exacerbating tensions between her and Barker. Despite this, Jenner apparently tried to mend fences by extending an invitation to Barker and Kourtney to attend a family gathering.However, sources say that the couple ultimately decided to decline the invitation, believing that it would be a better idea to steer clear of any potential drama. Kourtney and Travis reportedly want to focus on their relationship and don’t want to be dragged into any family squabbles.
It’s unclear where this leaves the Kardashian family, although many fans of the reality TV clan are likely left feeling a bit disappointed. After all, the Kardashians are known for their often-strained relationships, and theaddition of Barker to the mix only seemed to complicate things further.
Nonetheless, Kourtney and Travis may be better off distancing themselves from the family drama and focusing on their own relationship. The two seem genuinely smitten with each other, and there’s no doubt that they make a great pair.
Whether they can weather the Kardashian storm remains to be seen, but for now, the two seem determined to enjoy each other’s company and live their lives on their terms.Despite the fallout, Kourtney and Travis’ decision to put their romance first is commendable, and may ultimately be the key to their long-term happiness. It’s a lesson that the rest of the Kardashian family, with their seemingly endless cycle of over-the-top drama, would do well to learn. For now, the world will just have to wait and see how this intriguing relationship continues to evolve. Untill next time with more updates only on the kardashian daily update show don’t forget to like share and subscribe to get more interesting updates @KimKardashian @KUWTK @royalcircle1734

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