Stewart Copeland Shares What The Police Has Ripped Off


Stewart Copeland Shares What The Police Has Ripped Off

The Police’s drummer, Stewart Copeland, recently joined the ‘How Long Gone’ podcast, discussing punk music, jamming, and their early days. He highlighted how The Police didn’t fully adhere to punk’s strict rules due to their musical prowess. He noted that punk bands often borrowed licks from them, rather than the other way around. Copeland revealed their inspiration from the Sex Pistols, adopting their look, attitude, and the scene around them. This change was quickly recognized by London critics.
In a previous interview, Copeland also reflected on The Police’s punk-influenced beginnings. He emphasized how punk’s liberating impact encouraged them to evolve their music. This led to re-releasing their records, significantly boosting their popularity compared to their initial releases. The Police’s fusion of their unique instrumental approach with punk’s energy proved distinctive and transformative, garnering attention from both fans and critics alike.

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