Travis Barker’s Favorite Rudiments


Get exclusive backstage access to Blink 182’s concert as we sit down with Travis Barker to chat about his favorite rudiments.

We go over his love for flams and how he incorporates them into his warm-up routine, including reverse flams. He also shines a spotlight on the six-stroke roll, a cherished rudiment that he seamlessly integrates throughout his performances.

Travis also breaks down the importance of paradiddles and inverted paradiddles, revealing how practical they can be in drumming. He reflects on his experience with rudiments, sharing anecdotes that detail how much they’ve shaped his musical style.

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Favorite Rudiments
1:28 – How Travis Got Into Rudiments
3:05 – Rudiments In Blink-182 Songs
8:07 – Outro
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