Stewart Copeland on Starting The Police + News on The Iron Sheik & Drug Kit Vending Machines w/ Joe


Adam talks to the founder and drummer of The Police, Stewart Copeland about his new album ‘Police Deranged for Orchestra’. Stewart gets into how The Police was formed before explaining the pressures and freedom of performing with an orchestra and how it’s possible to produce music without slitting throats.

Next, comedian Joe List joins Adam as they hear how chirping smoke detectors are disrupting virtual classes leads Adam to a new way to innovate fire safety. Adam goes on a rant about deviled eggs and sausage pizza which the whole studio gets involved in. Finally, Chris reports the news including: the death of the Iron Sheik, a New York City vending machine offering Narcan and drug use kits, and a report finding that vaping is the biggest non-compliance issue on airplanes.

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