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“OUR HOME” by Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Ricky Kej (Grammy® Award Winner) is a tribute to our relationship with nature. We are just a small part of the natural world, and co-existing with all life is key to our survival. Originally from the GRAMMY® Winning album “Divine Tides”, now reimagined in a REMIX by GIANT MONSTERS ON THE HORIZON. The original music video has been filmed by acclaimed director Vera Kuznetsova in the icy jungles of Spain.

Remixes presented by “Giant Monsters On The Horizon”.


Visit: www.DivineTidesMusic.com

The album “Divine Tides” by the living legend Stewart Copeland and Ricky Kej features artists from all over the world – Soundscapes and melodies meet pulsating rhythms, which elevate the senses into a realm of spiritual solitude. Through its diverse musical canvas “Divine Tides” showcases a world where we can adapt to change, just like the moving tides – a world in which all life can live sustainably and in harmony.

Visit: www.DivineTidesMusic.com

Audio Credits:
Written by Ricky Kej, Stewart Copeland
Percussion: Stewart Copeland (Tongue drum, Gong drum, Crotales, Cymbal Tree)
Lead Vocals: Sangeeta Kaur
Lead Vocals arranged by: Don Hart
Indian Vocals: Nandini Srikar
Additional vocals: Geeta Novotny
Flute: Ron Korb
Guitar: Shashank Akella
Strings: Raveolution Strings
Solo Violin and conductor: Manoj George
Choral Vocals: Chaithra HG, Prajot D’Sa
Keyboards, arrangement: Ricky Kej, Vanil Veigas

Video Credits:
Producer: Andrei Zaitcev
Director: Vera Kuznetsova
DOP: Andrei Zaitcev
Editor: Andrei Zaitcev
Production house: CARAVANVIDEO

Divine Tides Credits:
Produced by: Ricky Kej, Stewart Copeland, Lonnie Park
Stewart Copeland management:Tarquin Gotch (Tgotch@mac.com)
Ricky Kej management: Nishanth Ravindran (Nishanth@RickyKej.com)
Recorded by: Stewart Copeland, Ricky Kej, Vanil Veigas, Nikhil Beri, Deepak P.A., Andrew Dudman, JB Arthur
Mixed, mastered by: Nikhil Beri, Vanil Veigas, Lonnie Park, P.A Deepak
Dolby atmos mix: P.A. Deepak, Mixing Assistant: Anirudh Budithi
Album artwork: Shashank Akella, Harris Backer
YouTube & Marketing: Lahari Music
Label: Ponderosa, Italy
Executive producers: Tarquin Gotch, Ralph Simon
Associate producers: Ila Paliwal, Padmanabhan N.S., Nazeef Mohammed, MR Rangaswami, Velu Lahari, Chandru Kumar, Merchant Records, Gregory Scelsa, Vanil Veigas, Shashank Akella
Special thanks: UNICEF India, UNESCO MGIEP, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, United Nations Climate Change, Earth Day Network, UNHCR, NIAS, Maj General Yash Mor, BToS Productions

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