The Origins Of Dennis Chambers’ “Blue Matter” Groove (John Scofield)


Watch Dennis Chambers play “Blue Matter” off John Scofield’s 1986 album of the same name (and stick around to the end where he breaks down the groove).

This performance features a laid back groove, ghost notes, double strokes on the kick, and the deepest pocket. It’s a lesson in control and discipline: you don’t need to be flashy to be a great drummer! Dennis Chambers is well known for playing exactly what the music needs.

Close your eyes and just listen to Dennis’ incredible touch and dynamics. What a great sounding drummer.

When John Scofield was first putting this track together, Dennis started playing a go-go beat at rehearsal, which was inspired by “We Need Some Money” by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers. Do you hear the similarities?

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0:00 – Performance
7:56 – Groove breakdown
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