Gavin Harrison Soundcheck. Remo Drumheads

My friends from @RemoPercussion came to the Pineapple Thief soundcheck in LA and filmed me messing around.
Bass Drum: PowerStroke 3
Snare Drum: Controlled Sound X + Ambassador Hazy (snare side)
Toms top: Coated Vintage Emperors
Tom bottom: Clear Ambassadors

Sonor SQ2 Drums: 22×15. 8×7, 10×8, 12×9, 15×13, 18×15, 14×5 (Protean snare drum)
Zildjian Cymbals: from left

17″ prototype Crash Of Doom
Five custom bells 6.5″ to 4.5″
14″ K Light Hi Hats
20″ K Custom Crash
11″ custom crash bell
18″ K Custom Crash
20″ K Ride
19″ K Custom Crash
12″ China Trash
22″ Swish Knocker (no rivets)

Gibraltar Rack and hardware

Vic Firth SHAR2 sticks
Porter & Davies BC2 tactile monitor seat
Tama Speed Cobra pedals
Hardcase cases

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