Travis Barker ANGRY as Kourtney Kardashian Refuse to Celebrate Step Daughter Atiana Birthday


Kourtney Kardashian and husband Travis Parker are celebrating another family birthday on Friday.
The couple honored Parker’s daughter Ariana De La Hoya’s birthday, with Parker celebrating her birthday in La Jolla with her ex-wife Scheana Mueller, saying, “You have given me such a good life.
” and overwrote Parker’s photo with her photo.
Instagram Story and De La Hoya pose together outdoors at night.
You’re a dream, as Parker’s proud dad wrote on his Instagram Story Happy Birthday in Erne La Jolla.
Blink-182’s drummer 40 referenced his stepdaughter’s nickname and posted a photo next to the post showing her lounge area with silver balloons under the arch.
“ATI 25” was written on the screen in large letters and numbers, balloons filled the floor, and Parker also posted a second photo of De La Hoya posing with her friends at the dining table.
and gave a glimpse of De La Hoya’s apparent birthday celebration.
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