Stewart Copeland A CIA Agent’s Son and Behind the Success of The Police He Founded


Copeland was born in Alexandria Virginia on July 1952, the youngest of four children of Scottish archaeologist Lorraine Copeland and American CIA officer Miles Copeland, His mother was born in Edinburgh while his father was from Alabama. His father was according to his own 1989 biography and files released by the CIA in 2008, a founding member of the OSS and the CIA. The family moved to Cairo a few months after Copeland’s birth, When he was five years old the family moved to Beirut, where he attended the American Community School. He started taking drum lessons at age 12 and was playing drums for school dances within a year. He later moved to England, attending the American School in London and Millfield boarding school in Somerset from 1967 to 1969. He went to college in California, enrolling at Alliant International University and the University of California Berkeley. His eldest brother Miles Copeland 3 ounded IRS Records and became the Police’s manager, He has also overseen Copeland’s interests in other music projects. His other brother Ian Copeland was a pioneering booking agent who represented the Police and many others. In early 1977 Copeland founded the Police with lead singer bass guitarist Sting and guitarist Henry Padovani, and they became one of the top bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Copeland was the youngest member of the band. The Police’s early track list was largely Copeland compositions including the band’s first single Fall Out and the B-side Nothing Achieving. Though Copeland’s songwriting contribution was reduced to a couple of songs per album as Sting started writing more material, he continued to co arrange all the Police’s songs together with his two bandmates. Amongst Copeland’s most notable songs are On Any Other Day, Does Everyone Stare, Contact, Bombs Away, Darkness and Miss Gradenko. Copeland also recorded under the pseudonym Klark Kent, releasing several UK singles in 1978 with one entering the UK Singles Chart that year along with an eponymous 10 inch album on green vinyl released in 1980. Recording at Nigel Gray’s Surrey Sound Studios, Copeland played all the instruments and sang the lead vocals himself. Kent’s Don’t Care which peaked at Number 48 UK in August 1978, actually predates the first chart single by the Police by several months as don’t Care was released in early June 1978. The Rhythmatist record of 1985 was the result of a pilgrimage to Africa and its people, and it features local drums and percussion with more drums, percussion, other musical instruments and occasional lead vocals added by Copeland.
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