VICTOR BAILEY GROUP feat. Denis Chambers/Kenny Garret/David Fiuczynski/Jim Beard


00:00 GRAHAM CRACKER (V. Bailey) – A Tribute to Larry Graham
07:55 BRAIN TEASER (V. Bailey)
26:33 CITY LIVING (V. Bailey)

Victor Bailey Group:
Dennis Chambers drums (1959)
David Fiuczynski guitar (1964)
Jim Beard keyboards (1960-2024)
Kenny Garrett soprano & alto sax (1960)
Victor Bailey bass guitar, voice(1960-2016)

Victor Bailey’s group performed live on April 6, 2000, in front of an audience in a TV studio, in the television show “Brane Rončel – Izza Odra (Behind the Stage)”, which was shown for 15 years on Slovenian national television, on the 2nd program of RTV SLO.

Brane Rončel is a Slovenian radio and television host and concert organizer, an excellent connoisseur and promoter of jazz music. The initial letters of his first and last name can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen.

The video was digitally transferred from an analog VHS video tape, and the original mono sound was remastered.

This video was posted on YouTube on Victor’s 64th birthday. RIP

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