WELCOME TO CYBERFUNK (EP01) – The Future of Funk


I love Cyberpunk and Funky music… I present to you, CYBERFUNK.
Enjoy the funkiest music ever made along side of fun A.I. Generated images of my Heroes of Funk Collection 1.

None of the music is mine and I claim no copyright.

0:00 – Vulfpeck – It Gets Funkier IV


3:09 – Victor Wooten – Funky D

08:51 – Daft Punk – Get Lucky

12:43 – Telula – No Rush

15:40 – Fearless Flyers – Ace of Aces

17:43 – Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl

21:24 – Toe Jam and Earl: Panic on Funkatron – Main Theme


22:43 – Victor Wooten – Pretty Little Lady Groove

28:01 – Donny Benét – Negroni Summer

31:23 – Daft Punk – Around The World

35:13 – Transformers The Movie (1984) – Unicron Medley

40:19 – Toe Jam and Earl: Panic on Funkatron – Main Theme – Funky Alien


42:24 – Donny Benét – Forgotten Spring

47:28 – Transformers The Movie (1984) – Escape

From 49:16 to the end, the 3D images that you see there is stuff I did when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s. I miss working on Transformers fan stuff.

Sometimes we have to create small projects like this for ourselves to create a new neural network for incoming skills. This project was a great stepping stone to understand A.I. prompt generation.

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