Spyro: Year of the Dragon – Frozen Altars (LMMS)


For its combination of amazing and (mostly) laid back gameplay and incredible soundtrack for the original trilogy, I still think that the Spyro series is one of my all-time favourites. I do wish that Stewart Copeland did more music for video games but I can understand that he would also want to pursue other medium too outside of his usual band gigs. He delved into orchestral music and screenplays too, I believe.

I find it incredibly hard to rank the any of the first three Spyro the Dragon games from the Playstation 1 era above each other but I do hope that I am able to visit all of the games and give them some love when covering Copeland’s tracks. This evening, we delve into Spyro: Year of the Dragon, which brought a new aspect into the series of having different playable characters throughout the main story! (Bentley was always funny with the way that he would just bring his mace down heavily on everything)

Since it’s the Winter period, I decided to go ahead and cover one of the snow levels from Spyro: Year of the Dragon – Frozen Altars! This level had a simplistic design but it was beautifully crafted, with a lovely colour scheme throughout and some interesting platforming elements. I particularly like the calming bass and lovely pipe lead instrument.

This one was a pleasure to cover and I hope that I did it some justice. While the structure is rather simple, it has a lot of little intricacies, particularly with the percussive elements as there is a lot of variation in the instruments used there.

Let me know what you think in the comments below as always!

All the best.

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