“The STARVING YEARS” The Early Days of The POLICE: Stewart Copeland


Stewart Copeland from The Police opens up in an engaging discussion about the early years of the band – how he recruited Sting, how they brought in Andy Summers and the struggles the future superstar band endured. Captured in Copeland’s revealing diaries from the formative years of the group, hear him recount stories of the band’s rise to fame, struggles, and their pivotal role in the punk movement. Get exclusive insights into the music industry of the 70s, the punk scene in London, and the development of iconic Police songs. As Copeland delves into his diaries, listeners are treated to a remarkable journey through the cusp, before they made it big, making this episode a must-watch for music enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Dive into the raw, unfiltered narratives of one of rock’s most influential bands and experience the captivating tale of The Police’s early years first-hand told by one of rock music’s great storytellers!

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