♦ [Tunnels + N. Sanity Peak] CB4 It’s About Time/A Bug’s Life PS1 MASHUP — N. Sanity Tunnel


Mixing Tunnel Run (or Tunnels) from A Bug’s Life (PS1) that has lots of similar things with N. Sanity Peak from Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. The instrumental macumba style, both are 2nd level of their respective games, both are inside a cave, etc. I hope you enjoy and greetings!

*I’m not taking NEW requests since now, I’m tired and I have lots of mashups that I don’t know how to resolve. I don’t mean the Original/Remake, I mean the mashups requested that requires combine one with other game, you know, the harder mashups. I’ll try to do the best and I hope to get an uploadable result, and If I didn’t upload your request yet it’s because I’m not resolving it yet and I don’t like to bring poor quality content. I hope you understand this and thank you for supporting! how you can help me to improve and bring this content more and more? well, you basically can just comment and share the videos, that will help me a lot, seriously!*


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