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Gelly Feher –
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Thank you Derrick McKenzie for Inspiration my drum work:)
Original song by Jamiroquai – love foolosophy

Drums recording : Peter Ferencz ” Peet ” – GodlyMusic Production Studio
Gelly at present 18 years old, lives in the heart of Europe -in Hungary. He’s been drumming since the age of 5, with the guidance of his teacher Marty Ludwig. He adores contemporary jazz, funk, fusion and electronic genres. His music interests were raised by Brian Culbertson, Candy Dulfer and Kool & the Gang… The drummers who inspired and motivated Gelly are Chris Miskel, Ricky Lawson, Dennis Chambers, Gergő Borlai, Chris Coleman, Kaz Rodriguez, Matt McGuire and of course his drum teachers Marci Gudics, Máté Jancsovics, Adam Marko, Derrick McKenzie, Gulli Briem.

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