♦ [Spooky Swamp + No Dillo Dallying] Spyro 3 RT/Crash 4 IAT MASHUP — No Spooky Swamping


Mixing Spooky Swamp from Spyro 3 (Reignited Trilogy) with No Dillo Dallying from Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (you know Run it Bayou but Dingo’s timeline) You know, a bayou/swamp themed mashup, basically seems to be the same world and all, precisely Home Cookin’ but NDD has middle of Run it Bayou and other half of Home Cookin’ so was a better option, and i think the Spooky Swamp from RT fits better here, and I had bad results using both together.


♠ Proyecto Remixeadores: Donn Bandicoot ft. Mr. Moikzes ♠

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