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– Stewart Copeland on video about his Paiste ‘The Rhythmatist’ –

Stewart Copeland demos and talks about his 12″ Signature Combo Crisp Hi-Hat, better known as ‘The Rhythmatist’.

As a Paiste artist for 38 years, Stewart Copeland knows what the cymbal brand can make, and is still very proud of it. His 2015 Paiste inspiration is another new concept. And one to increase your vocabulary on the Hi-Hat. With only 12 inch ‘The Rhythmatist’ is very small, tight and thin. That makes the Hi-Hat very good controllable with your foot, as you can see Stewart Copeland demo in the video. Officially named the 12″ Signature Combo Crisp Hi-Hat, The Rhythmatist is one that you can easily use as a regular Hi-Hat or add to your effect cymbals in your setup.

Paiste uses different alloys for the top and bottom cymbals. The CuSn20 Bronze top is responsible for warmth and fullness. The Signature Bronze bottom provides brilliance and precision. Played closed the hi-hat produces a rather dry, crisp sound. The chick sound is full and razor-sharp.

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