Tama Superstar (Vintage 6-Ply Birch) 13/16/18/22 Kit Demo


Superstars are the definitive example of the vintage Tama sound. Many of the worlds most legendary drummers such as Billy Cobham, Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Lenny White, Lars Ulrich and many more, used Superstars to create some of the most memorable albums (and drum sounds!) of all time. These drums feature 6-ply Japanese birch shells and Tama’s classic, hand-finished bearing edges. These drums were made in Japan in the early 1980s, and have that fat, deep vintage sound in spades. Available for purchase on our website (wcdrumshop.com).

Direct link: https://www.wcdrumshop.com/shop/c/p/Tama-Superstar-Vintage-Birch-Shells-13161822-1980s-Super-Maple-C-x67419590.htm

Sticks: Dopestickz – https://www.dopestickz.com/
Buy Dopestickz from our site: https://www.wcdrumshop.com/iishop?form_version=2&showSearchResults=1&search_keyword=dopestickz&image=Search

Drummer: Will Andrews – West Coast Drum Shop sales, social media, content, website, admin

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