Sting’s Drummers – Vinnie Colaiuta and Manu Katché | Recreating Iconic Drum Sounds


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Sting has always played the bass himself – and what does a great bass player need? Of course: A great dummer.
But Sting didn’t want to just go for any mediocre drummer, but rather chose to play with the masters themselves. After his time with The Police and legendary Stewart Copeland on drums, he pursued his solo career and chose only the finest drummers to play with, most notably Vinnie Colaiuta and Manu Katché. Here’s our take on both those legend’s drum sounds.

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00:00 Intro
01:08 Seven Days (The Original)
01:45 Seven Days Recreation
05:06 Seven Days (Performance)
06:40 Englishman in New York (The Original)
07:08 Englishman in New York Recreation
10:01 Englishman in New York (Performance)

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Drumming and mixing by Pascal Thielen


Equipment used in this video:

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Drum Kit:

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple
Finish: Vintage Natural
Bass Drums: 22×16
Toms: 10×7, 12×8, 14×13, 16×15
Snare: 14×4 Dixon Piccolo Brass Snare


14″ A Quickbeat Hi-Hats

18″ K Dark Crash Thin

20″ K Ride (80’s model)

16″ K Dark Crash Thin

20″ FX Oriental China Trash

6″ A Splash

8″ A Splash

10″ A Splash

10″ K Splash



Bassdrum: TG D 70

Snare: Shure SM 57 (top)/ M 201 (bottom)

Overheads: M 90 Pro X

Hi-Hat: MC 930

Toms: TG I51


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