Chad Wackerman’s Experience Playing with Allan Holdsworth


Get an inside look at the mind of a drumming legend as Chad Wackerman shares his experience playing with the incomparable Allan Holdsworth. Hear firsthand how Wackerman first started playing with Allan, and learn about the creative process behind some of the most iconic jazz-fusion and rock performances of all time. Whether you’re a musician looking for inspiration or just a fan of great music, this video is a great watch. Join us as we delve into the world of Chad Wackerman and Allan Holdsworth and discover the magic behind their collaboration!

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In addition to being a first-call studio drummer and world-renowned educator, Chad Wackerman has amassed a remarkable body of work including a seven-year association with Frank Zappa. He has recorded albums and toured with artists as diverse as James Taylor, Barbara Streisand, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Andy Summers, Albert Lee, Pasqua/Holdsworth/Haslip/Wackerman Group, Carl Verheyen, David Garfield, and many more.


00:11 – The Audition
00:50 – Allan’s Musicality
03:08 – The Frank Zappa Audition


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