The Godmother of Drumming Plays “What’s My Age Again?”


Dorothea Taylor’s version of Blink-182’s classic track “What’s My Age Again” is the perfect bird-flip for anyone who thinks you need to be a fresh-faced 20 year old to be a drummer.

One reason why this song is perfect for Dorothea is how Travis Barker uses rudiments in the intro (Dorothea is the rudiment queen). Barker was a marching drummer in school and it’s cool how he incorporated that training into his drum parts. Flams, five stroke rolls, pataflaflas…who would’ve thought you’d ever hear these in punk rock drumming?

“You’re never too old or too young to start playing drums,” says Dorothea. As a testament to this, she’s officially challenging Travis Barker to a drum battle. Think we can make it happen?

(P.S. If you catch someone judging too many books by their cover, share this video with them)

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