Kourtney And Travis’ Co-Parenting Rules


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have very different parenting styles. How will these soon-to-be newlyweds and parents of five navigate co-parenting after tying the knot!?

While co-parenting their kids, Kourtney and Travis will have to agree on the family’s social media rules. Kourt and Barker will also have to figure out family dinner rules! Before their engagement, Travis and Kourtney also ventured to Europe, after Barker faced his fear of flying following a crash in 2008.

Since Travis Barker’s kids are older, he’s not as accustomed to the full-time parenting style that Kourtney is into. After joining forces, will the couple continue to be as hands-on as Kourt has been over the last eleven years?

Kourt and Barker are moving fast. Before heading down the aisle they’ll have to figure out how they plan on navigating the world of co-parenting! With exes, teenagers, and little ones, finding a balance between Kourt’s philosophies and Travis’s rockstar lifestyle will be a challenge.

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00:00 Intro
00:13 Family Vacations
01:09 Who Picks Clothing
01:47 Social Media
02:24 Home Sweet Home
03:06 Daily Dinners
03:37 More Kids
04:10 Encouraging Music
04:39 Education and Careers
05:11 Supporting Choices
05:34 Healthy Food
06:02 Everyone gets along
06:28 Tattoos Allowed?
06:52 Give it Time
7:18 Disick Experience
07:47 Grown Up Vacations
08:22 Outro

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