Tragic Details About Travis Barker


Travis Barker is the famed drummer of pop punk lifers Blink-182. And while Barker has been a success for decades, collaborating with some of the biggest names in music, and appearing in movies, TV, and countless radio interviews, his life has not always been easy or free from pain. Barker had a tough childhood, and certain patterns followed him through adulthood to the present day. Despite losing people he loved, and struggling through addictions for years, Barker seems to have a healthy perspective on life. However, that doesn’t make the path he’s walked any easier. These are tragic details about Travis Barker.

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His mother’s death | 0:00
Growing up wasn’t easy | 1:12
Ditching the drugs | 2:22
Targeted | 3:31
Disaster | 4:30
Survivor’s guilt | 6:01
Devastated | 6:46
More health problems | 7:54

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