Answering Your Questions to #AskStewart on Twitter | @The Police


00:07 @riversJohnson9 – Hi Stewart, what was your favorite drumset you used for the Police?

00:53 @mysteriousdays – Will you be rescheduling the show(s) with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra that got cancelled in 2020? Thank you

01:10 @zenvesting_4DNL – How did you, Les, and Trey meet and decide to form Oysterhead?

1:42 @mishmcfadden – If you hadn’t decided to go the reggae/ska influenced route, what do you think the Police’s sound would have been like? Do you think you’d have had the same trajectory?

2:30 @stevovertigo – What Police song is/was your favorite song to play live, the one that lights you right up?

3:00 @Patrickhyzy – How did you settle on the percussion instrumentation for Wrapped Around Your Finger?

3:23 @reyintexas – What shaped your signature accenting on the octobans? Is there a particular drumming tradition (like nyabinghi), musical genre, influence or memory that may have inspired your approach?

4:06 @_Camellia_Roses – Do you have any plans to write another book? It would be awesome to hear more about your family history, spy parents, & grandmother Lorraine & her time spent singing for the Paris Opera & when she left Paris because of WWI.

4:45 @abeck4r – What are your top 3 songs that you like to play live? Send you all a big hug from Costa Rica

5:35 @Jennsername – What’s a place you wish you had toured to but never managed it?

6:34 @Voahirana – Which artist would you like to collaborate with next?

6:37 @rosyanesthesist – Dear Maestro, i’d like to know if the LOVE of your “old” fans, after all these years, is an inspiration for you, and it encourages you to compose new music. Thank you Stewart!!!

7:04 @williamelsman – For “Bed’s Too Big Without You,” are you tapping the stick or the snare with your right hand?

7:44 @joyeful – Which new and/or current drummers should we be keeping an eye on?
@Travis Barker @Joey Jordison / Drummer @Greyson Nekrutman

8:23 @OliverMaltman – Hi Stewart. Huge fan of you and The Police (still waiting for the highly unlikely day you’ll release your soundtrack for Decadence…).
You can find Eve and Grace on the Orchestralli album

9:12 @bigjettenergy – What was your favorite song on each album?

10:17 @MaglanRares – What is the most important moment in the band’s history in your opinion?

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