Why THIS Travis Barker Groove Is SO HARD (5 Tricks)


Why is this Travis Barker drum beat so freaking hard (and also awesome)? Let’s find out!

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It’s no secret that Travis Barker, the of drummer of blink-182 (obviously)has some amazing drum beats! But this groove that Travis lays down in the song “Down” is seemingly simple, but actually much more difficult to play than you’d think! Get ready for a masterclass from Travis Barker in ghost note and bass drum placement, drum sound, unique fills, and more!

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Time codes:
0:00 – 0:30 Travis Barker is cool
0:30 – 1:13 5 Lessons To Learn From This Groove
1:13 – 2:03 Analyzing the groove (w/ Brandon Scott)
2:03 – 3:48 #1 Beat Maturity
3:48 – 6:01 #2 Kick Pattern Intentionality
6:01 – 7:35 #3 Ghost Note Placement
7:35 – 9:28 #4 Unique Sounds
9:28 – 11:34 #5 Sick Fills
11:34 – 12:43 Important lessons to learn from this beat/fill!
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