Sick Lick’s #7 – Dennis Chambers – Drum Fill

Hey there folks,
In this weeks “SickLick’s” drum lesson instalment I break down one of my favourite Dennis Chambers drum fills. Whilst this fill does seem fairly simple at first glance, it is another thing to get it to sound like Dennis. Dennis is by far one of the greatest drummers to have ever walked this earth, blowing mings with his virtuosic speed and power and his phenomenal groove and unmistakable sound. There really is only one Dessin Chambers.
Chapters –
#1 – Hands @60bpm – 2:00
#2 – Feet @60bpm – 2:30
#3 – Hands & Feet @60bpm – 3:00
#4 – Adding a lead in bass drum @60bpm – 3:40
#5 – Adding a Flam on beat 3 @60bpm – 4:35
#6 – Whole fill @100bpm – 5:10
#7 – Whole fill with groove @147bpm – 5:35

Full album –

Youtube –

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