Meinl Cymbals – Benny Greb – “I‘m Tweeked“

Here is Benny Greb paying tribute to Vinnie Colaiuta with a cover of his 1994 release „I’m Tweeked“.
Vinnie’s original version amazed drummers worldwide with its 16th note shift in the drum part while the music stays. Not only did Benny interpret the song in his own special way, but he also sang all the instrumental parts himself and arranged it as an a-cappella version (just like all other songs on his new album GREBFRUIT2 as well). This track is something special and will go down in drumming history. Enjoy this epic cover.

Benny’s cymbal set here includes:

08“ Byzance Dark Splash (R&D prototype) – top
08“ Byzance Dark Splash (R&D prototype) – bottom
14“ Byzance Sand Hats
18“ Byzance Sand Thin Crash
14“ GenerationX China – underneath Sand Thin Crash
17“ Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash – top
18“ Byzance China – bottom
08“ Artist Concept Model Crasher Hats
16“ Byzance Sand Hats (R&D prototype)
22“ Byzance Sand Crash Ride

GREBFRUIT2 is available here:
“I‘m Tweeked“ by Vinnie Colaiuta

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