DENNIS CHAMBERS – Scott Henderson Patti Austin J.Berlin B. Auger G.Brown Novecento S.Jordan (PROMO)
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DENNIS CHAMBERS new 2013 album “Groove and More”
feat. Patti Austin Scott Henderson Stanley Jordan, Brian Auger Jeff berlin Gregg Kofi Brown & Novecento.

Dennis Chambers: drums
Scott Henderson: guitar solo on ” Virtual life ” & ” Time to time ”
Brian Auger: Hammond organ solo on ” Running on line ” & ” Aircraft ”
Jeff Berlin: bass on ” Practice what you preaching ”
Patti Austin: vocals on ” Practice what you preaching ”
Stanley Jordan: guitar solo on ” Past and future ”
Gregg Kofi Brown: vocals on ” Fall out ”
Dora Nicolosi: vocals on ” We don’t know ”
Lino Nicolosi: rhythm guitars, guitar solos, percussion programming
Rossana Nicolosi: bass
Pino Nicolosi: keyboards, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes
Dora Nicolosi: backing vocals & scat on ” Fall out ” and & scat on ” Aircraft ”
Gregg Kofi Brown: backing vocals on ” Fall out ”
Melissa Aldana: tenor saxophone on ” Fall out ” , saxophone solo on “Aircraft ”
Kyle Nasser: soprano saxophone on ” Running on line ” and Fall out
Bob Crystal: tenor saxophone & flute solo on ” Fall out “, tenor saxophone on ” Aircraft “

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