John Scofield Band – feat Dennis Chambers

Dennis Chambers Funk Drumming / Drum Solos

Selected discographyYear Constellation Title Label
1983 P-Funk All Stars Live at the Beverly Theater in Hollywood Westbound
1986 John Scofield Blue Matter Gramavision
1987 John Scofield Loud Jazz Gramavision
1987 John Scofield Pick Hits Live Gramavision
1989 Gary Thomas By All Means Necessary JMT
1990 Bill Evans Group (Bill Evans, Chuck Loeb, Jim Beard, Darryl Jones, Dennis Chambers) Let The Juice Loose (Live at the Blue Note, Tokyo) Bellaphon
1991 Dennis Chambers Big City Glass House
1992 Carl Filipiak Group (Carl Filipiak, Dennis Chambers, Paul Soroka, Jim Charlsen, Victor Williams, George Gray, Dave Fairall, Rod Daniels) Right on Time Geometric Records
1992 Petite Blonde (Bill Evans, Chuck Loeb, Mitch Forman, Victor Bailey, Dennis Chambers) Live Recording Lipstick Records
1992 The Return Of The Brecker Brothers The Return Of The Brecker Brothers GRP Records
1992 Dennis Chambers Getting Even Glass House
1993 Graffiti (Dennis Chambers, Haakon Graf, Gary Grainger, Ulf Wakenius) Good Groove ESC Records
1993 Charles Blenzig (Mike Stern, Will Lee, Alex Foster, Dennis Chambers, Manolo Badrena, Michael Brecker) Say what you mean Big World
1994 John McLaughlin & The Free Spirits Tokio Live Japan Import
1995 Steely Dan Alive in America Giant
1997 John McLaughlin, Gary Thomas The Heart of Things Verve/Universum
1999 Victor Bailey Low Blow ESC Records
2000 John McLaughlin The Heart Of Things / Live In Paris Polygram
2000 CAB, Bunny Brunel, Tony MacAlpine, Tone Center Records
2001 CAB 2, Bunny Brunel, Tony MacAlpine, Tone Center Records
2001 Brett Garsed, TJ Helmerich, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch Tone Center Records
2002 CAB 4, Bunny Brunel, Tony MacAlpine, Tone Center Records
2002 Dennis Chambers Outbreak Esc
2003 Greg Howe, Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers Extraction Tone Center Records
2003 Bireli Lagrene, Dominique Di Piazza, Dennis Chambers Front Page Sunny Side Records
2006 Dennis Chambers Planet Earth BHM
2006 Dennis Chambers, Jeff Berlin, David Fiuczynsky, T Lavitz Boston T Party Tone Center
2006 True Spirit John Grant, Victor Williams Dennis Chambers, Najee, True Spirit Indy release
2007 The Carl Filipiak Group I Got Your Mantra Art of Life Records
2007 Brett Garsed, TJ Helmerich, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey Moe’s Town (Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch) Tone Center Records
2008 Paul Hanson Frolic in the Land of Plenty Abstract Logix Records
2009 Dean Brown DBIII:live at the Cotton Club Tokyo BHM records
2009 Tony Bunn Small World ATP Records Group
2010 Greg Howe, Tetsuo Sakurai, Dennis Chambers Vital World Abstract Logix Records

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