How Travis Barker Became the Ultimate Stepfather – Heartwarming Story! #celebrity


Travis Barker’s relationship with Kourtney Kardashian brought him into the spotlight, but his role as a devoted father figure to Adiana, Shana Mokler’s daughter with Oscar De La Hoya, is equally noteworthy. Oscar abandoned Shana and their daughter, leaving Travis to step in and become the father Adiana needed.

Adiana grew up seeing Travis as her real dad, and Oscar eventually thanked Travis for his unwavering support. This relationship stayed private until Travis and Kourtney’s marriage brought Adiana into the public eye. Adiana’s bond with Travis’s family strengthened, especially when his own kids faced issues with their mom, Shana. Alabama Barker even criticized Shana’s parenting, and Adiana offered her support.

Travis’s strong parenting skills are evident in his extended family. While house hunting, Travis and Kourtney even picked out a room for Adiana, seeing her as part of their family. Adiana gets along well with Kourtney’s kids with Scott Disick—Mason, Penelope, and Reign—and Travis and Kourtney’s new baby, Rocky.

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