Pearl Drums • Dennis Chambers Signature Snare Drum


To be truly great, one must evolve over time. Drumming legend Dennis Chambers took this to heart when considering the transformation of his snare drum sound.

Dennis designed his new Signature Snare for sonic evolution. Using the multi-lug design of his previous model, it employs ten tuning points on the batter head and eight on the bottom for top-end tonal focus. Returning to the 4-ply Maple with 4-ply Reinforcement Rings of his original Signature model, but this time in a Matte Black lacquer finish for visual versatility.

The real difference comes with its SR300 Philharmonic Strainer, which features three individually tunable 6-strand snappy wire snares. Each can be engaged or disengaged to sculpt the sound of the drum further. Pearl’s reliably durable Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops also add weight for increased projection. 

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