Travis Barker Proving He’s The Perfect Guy For Kourtney


After her roller-coaster relationship with Scott Disick, fans were so happy to see Kourtney loving life with Travis Barker. They’re SO cute! The rocker is the perfect guy for Kourtney!

Kourtney Kardashian has dealt with plenty of relationship drama over the years but she’s finally found her perfect match. We can’t wait to see how Kourt and Travis’s relationship plays out and all the romantic moments to come.

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00:15 He’s SUPER Committed!
01:12 Plans for a Growing Family
01:53 They Already Love Each Other’s Kids
02:33 He Proved He Can Co-Parent
03:13 Stated Off As Besties
03:51 Gifts Galore for Kourt!
04:22 He Asked Her Parent’s Permission
04:54 Twinning Outfits
05:25 Great Body Language
05:50 Her Sisters Think It’s The Real Deal
06:13 They Couldn’t Wait!
06:45 There’s a Real Connection
07:28 They Have a Lot In Common
07:58 They Travel Together
08:30 Planning a BIG Event

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Written by: Laurie M.
Narrated by: Lori Barkin
Edited by: Fabian T.

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