Stewart Copeland & @Ricky Kej | 2022 GRAMMYs 🎉🏆 with Divine Tides


We won the #grammy for our album #DivineTides! 🏆
Congratulations @Ricky Kej (this is SO down to you), also big thanks to Ralph Simon for introducing us to each other, and to @Ponderosa Music & Art, for putting the album out!

The album “Divine Tides” by the living legend Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Ricky Kej (Grammy Award Winner) features artists from all over the world – Soundscapes and melodies meet pulsating rhythms, which elevate the senses into a realm of spiritual solitude, where the soul is free – one with itself, one with time, one with our planet! Through its diverse musical canvas “Divine Tides” showcases a world where we can adapt to change, just like the moving tides – a world in which all life can live sustainably and in harmony.


Audio Credits:
Written by Ricky Kej, Stewart Copeland
Percussion: Stewart Copeland (Spin Gong, Timpani, Drum Set, Cymbal Tree)
Lead Vocals, Flute: Varijashree Venugopal
Sitar: Sumarani
Strings: Raveolution Strings
Solo Violin and conductor: Manoj George
Vocal Percussion: Arun Kumar
Harp: Jordan Buetow
Keyboards, arrangement: Ricky Kej, Vanil Veigas
Choral vocals: Devin Ekambaram

Produced by: Ricky Kej, Stewart Copeland, Lonnie Park
Stewart management:Tarquin Gotch (
Ricky Kej management: Nishanth Ravindran (
Recorded by: Stewart Copeland, Ricky Kej, Vanil Veigas, Nikhil Beri, Deepak P.A., Andrew Dudman, JB Arthur,
Mixed, mastered by: Nikhil Beri, Vanil Veigas, Lonnie Park
Dolby atmos mix: P.A. Deepak
Album artwork: Shashank Akella, Harris Backer
YouTube: Lahari Music
Label: Ponderosa, Italy
Executive producers: Tarquin Gotch, Ralph Simon
Associate producers: Ila Paliwal, Nazeef Mohammed, MR Rangaswami, Velu Lahari, Chandru Kumar
Special thanks: UNICEF India, UNESCO MGIEP, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, United Nations Climate Change, Earth Day Network, UNHCR, NIAS, Maj General Yash Mor, BToS Productions

Video Credits:
Directed, Filmed by Sairam Sagiraju
Production: Touchroot Images
Camera: Shekar Raju, Ravi Munimara, Mithun Bhat
Additional filming: Littil Swayamp, Pratheek Shetty
Grade: Pratheek Shetty
Additional Edit: Shashank Akella

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