Stewart Copeland Snare Hack? | Season Four, Episode 38


Stewart Copeland’s snare sound throughout his time with the Police is frequently referenced and sought after. From the chrome over brass drum itself to the combination of die cast and triple flange hoops, the head choice to the muffling, there’s lots of speculation and commentary. One aspect that seems to be debated without any substantive exploration is his use of a towel around the drum, so we set out to explore the impact with surprising results.

Wondering about how we attached that towel? We used a Drumgee!

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GIK Acoustics (sonic treatment):
AKG Audio (microphones):
Evans Drumheads:
ProMark Drumsticks:

Signal chain:
Mics – Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB & OctoPre – MacPro w/Pro Tools 12.8
Recorded at 48kHz / 24bit
Overheads: (Matched Pair in Glyn Johns – Cardioid) AKG C314
Snare & Toms: AKG C518M
Kick Drum: AKG D12vr
*No EQ or compression in use with drum demos unless otherwise noted*

Acoustic Treatment:
GIK 242 Acoustic Panels:
GIK 4A Alpha Pro Series Diffusor/Absorber:
GIK Evolution PolyFusor Combination Sound Diffuser/Absorber:
GIK Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap:

Pearl Masters Maple Custom Extra w/70’s Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic

14” old K clone by Jesse Simpson over Zildjian New Beat Top, 20” Jesse Simpson Custom Ride

Snare: Evans G1 / Snare Side 300
Toms: NA
Kick Drum: Evans UV EMAD / EQ3 Coated White Reso

Hosted by: Cody Rahn
Production & Consulting: Ben O’Brien Smith @ Cadence Independent Media
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