Vic Firth: Learn The Music feat. Benny Greb | “Grebfruit”


We’re pleased to announce the latest addition to our Drum Set Education Library: “Learn The Music” a performance breakdown series featuring excerpts from our favorite Vic Firth performances with on-screen notation, real-time beat tracking, multi-tempo breakdowns and downloadable transcriptions!

Our latest release features Benny Greb performing Sput Searight’s arrangement of “Grebfruit” from our vfJAMS Live Season 1!

Whether you’re watching to learn from the performance or want to learn the grooves and fills that make Benny such a musical artist, the 50% and 75% slower speed versions will be sure to help!

Access all the Learn The Music resources including the transcriptions, lead sheets and performance tracks here:

Skip ahead to your preferred tempo marking:
100% Tempo (with band) – 00:00
50% Tempo (drums only) – 02:52
75% Tempo (drums only) – 08:22
100% Tempo (drums only) – 12:01

If you love this recording, be sure to check out Benny’s original album, available here:

We hope you’ll enjoy this latest #vfLearnTheMusic and stay tuned for future releases!



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