Travis Barker | House Tour | Calabasas Homes & More


Travis Barker | House Tour | Calabasas Homes & More
Host Kara:

Everyone’s favorite drummer Travis Barker has been making headlines lately since he seems to be Kourtney Kardashian’s new boyfriend – a match-up that at least I wasn’t expecting. The two also live in the same neighborhood, as far as I know, Calabasas, California. In 2019, one of Travis’ properties here came up for rent at over $27K per month, and he owns a larger mansion in a more expensive pocket of the same Calabasas development he bought in 2007. Today we’ll check out 3 of the Blink 182 drummer’s homes past and present. Travis Barker is a musician, songwriter, and record producer who’s best known for being the drummer in Blink 182 – one of my fave bands. He’s also frequently collabed with hip-hop artists allowing him to work in different circles, and founded the rock bands +44 and Box Car Racer. These of course are only a few of his accomplishments, and Travis has done a great job in staying relevant over the years. Due to his fame, Rolling Stone referred to him as “punk’s first superstar drummer” as well as one of the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time. One thing’s for sure, the man is definitely a superstar. Travis also starred in an MTV reality series, Meet The Barkers at one point, and honestly, once you have a reality show I think that proves you’re pretty versatile. Not only does he still work with Blink 182, but e’s also continued to work with rappers, such as Yelawolf, and MGK for example. Considering all of Travis’ ventures, even businesses aside from music, he’s amassed a net worth of about $50 million. With that, not only has he bought those 2 mansions in Calabasas, but he maintains a handful of properties in Southern California like a 5 bedroom home in Rancho Cucamonga and some more ordinary ones like a tract house in Lake Elsinore he bought in 2004 for 480K.

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Writer / Host: Kara

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