Benny Greb: Expect The Unexpected | The Practice Room

When it comes to playing music with Benny Greb, I have come to expect the unexpected. He is a true improvisor behind the drums, and is a rare thing in today’s fast past and internet driven music industry: He’s a musician who just happens to be a drummer. More concerned with the collective live experience than he is with flashy licks, and clicks and views, he is a musical force with whom you can build something original every time you step onstage together.

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to far flung corners of the world with his trio “Moving Parts”, and have learnt a lot from both my time on the road with Benny, and my time spent hanging out and simply talking about life, and about music.

He is one of my favorite musicians period, as well as being a pioneer of sound and time when it comes to the drum set. We talk about tuning for sound and not for feel, ghost busters, how to practice, and tons more in this interview that could easily have been three times as long.

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